PVA 3D Filaments (1.75mm)

PVA 3D Filaments (1.75mm)

PVA or Polyvinyl Acetate is one of the types of 3d printer filaments on the market today. It is mostly used as a support material for 3d printers that have a multi-extruder. One notable property of PVA filament is its ability to dissolve in water. This is great for those perfectionists out there because it doesn’t leave any nasty marks on the print after it has been removed from the 3d printed model.

PVA is a filament that is better used with printers that have multiple extruder nozzles which mean that the printer can print more than one filament material at a time. Most of the quality 3d printers out there  allow you to do just that.

Most standard printers do not have the ability to print more than one material at the same time. This means that the main part and the support end up being made by the one single material. After the print is completed, the supporting material needs to be carefully removed and can potentially ruin the final print and even cause breakages on the model. The removal of support material proves to be more difficult the more complex the print is.

When objects are printed with support material is the same as the standard model’s material, the removal of the support material can be very tricky and tedious and can be more prone to breaking as mentioned above. On the other hand, if you are using a multi-extruder printer, then PVA filament is the material you want in order to avoid breaking the model or leaving unwanted marks and prints on the final product.

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